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Good news for Revit 2014 users!
Le 18/06/13

The export plug-in from Revit 2014 to Artlantis 4.1 is now available for downloading!
Create your model in Revit, export and edit it in Artlantis. Return to Revit, make changes to the geometry, export a new Artlantis file and recover your previous work done in Artlantis.  The Artlantis export plug-in offers a direct transfer from Revit into Artlantis, without the need for intermediate file formats. During the export, special entities are automatically exploded. The Artlantis .atl file format is cross platform; it can be read on both Macintosh and Windows.
Let’s see in detail what Artlantis can recover from your Revit model:

• The geometry
• All cameras for parallel views
• All cameras for perspective views
• The shading color and transparency of materials with their names
• The geographical position of the sun active for the parallel view that is used for the export.
Click here to download the Revit 2014 plug-in!

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