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Artlantis 4.1.8 is now available!
Le 22/12/12

The Artlantis 4.1.8 update version fixes a number of bugs and also includes an enhancement.

Artlantis 4.1.8 introduces two new parameters for the DXF-DWG import: the distance between Knots, and the deviation angle between faces. They come in addition to the 2D conversion parameters and control the triangulation of the 3D geometry. As a result, Artlantis can correctly interpret and triangulate moldings or any curved body built in the CAD modeler.

Bug fixes:
Mac and Windows:
  • ArchiCAD .gsm objects: the colors were not distinguished when saving by layers or on a unique layer.
  • Reopening a file wasn't possible; now the Revert command allows it.
  • The program would freeze when selecting an object.
  • Artlantis crashed when using "Delete the material ID unused"
  • When exporting a file from SketchUp 8 to Artlantis, some viewpoints were ignored.
  • Export from ArchiCAD 16 to 4.1: the geometry was offset from the origin.
  • DWF and OBJ export: the geometry wasn't exported if the current view was a panorama, a VR object or an animation.
  • OBJ import fixes: missing textures.
  • DWG-DXF fixes: Tessalation, distorted geometry and missing geometry

Mac only:

The Artlantis color picker didn't match the material in the preview.
Windows only:
  • In the Objects Inspector, checking/unchecking a layer in the lower part of a long list would result in the display jumping back to the top of the list.
  • Scene Information, Translate Origin command: displayed an incorrect icon.
  • Issue when Activating/Deactivating layers from the perspective view inspector.
  • iVisit 3D builder didn't work if XQuartz was missing.
Artlantis 4.1 users will be notified automatically about this free update and they can download it from The Artlantis demo version was also updated; users can download this latest 4.1.8 version right away.
Download the Artlantis 4.1.8 update here.
Download the Artlantis 4.1.8 demo version here.

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