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Attention Vectorworks 2013 users in Chinese !
Le 27/09/12

Vectorworks 2013 users will be pleased to know that the export plug-in for Vectorworks 2013 to Artlantis 3 and Artlantis 4.1 is now available for downloading.

Artlantis is the perfect software for Vectorworks 2013 users, allowing the presentation of architectural models with 3D photorealistic renderings.  Artlantis enables you to improve and bring realism to your Vectorworks models with 3D objects and textures.  Texture your models with high resolution shaders to obtain a very realistic effect, then set your scene with as many light sources as you want.

These two programs will work for you in a complementary way, helping you to complete even the most ambitious projects, and giving your presentations the look you want.

Click here to download the plug-in.


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